Lisa von der Heydte

Lisa is a dedicated social impact professional with a deep understanding of the issues and complexities in both the NGO and private sectors.  She is a respected authority on climate-risk related risk transfer solutions and, has extensive experience, backed by her doctoral research on organizational challenges faced by entities in the social sector and strategies to cope with them. Previously Lisa worked for social business network, Ashoka - in supporting social entrepreneurs to scale their impact – as well as the Munich Re Climate Risk Research Centre – in developing (climate-)vulnerability-based aid and investment programmes.  As SIP’s design thinking expert, she is responsible for integrating the team’s experience and expertise so, together, they can deliver innovative and appropriate humanitarian aid and development solutions.

Key Social Impact Work

  • Design of a climate risk-related risk transfer mechanism for rural populations in North Vietnam whose livelihood is dependent on crops and livestock
  • Development of a natural catastrophe payout mechanism for humanitarian organizations, based on weather forecasts
  • Design of, and capital raising for, a social impact bond focused on food insecurity
  • Operational scale-up support for social entrepreneurs
  • Liaising with government bodies and developing climate risk related insurance schemes

Key Social Sector Skills

  • A deeply informed understanding of the social impact sector and its many, diverse needs.  Derived from years of hands-on volunteer experience with multiple NGOs. 
  • Well-developed (PhD level) research skills, used to identify, examine and understand the spectrum of issues affecting humanitarian aid and development organizations, and develop effective responses
  • Comfortable, managing diverse stakeholder groups, with competing interests
  • Experienced public speaker who unpacks complex messages around social impact issues and solutions, for audiences, in a clear and accessible way