Hanna Grewe


Hanna is an expert in data and quantitative analysis with extensive experience in the banking and insurance markets.  Dedicated to the principle of shared value, she strongly believes the finance sector has the obligation to use its knowledge, resources and results-focused approach to help maximise social impact in the development space.  
Before joining SIP, she worked in Munich Re’s corporate strategy department, managing international insurance projects for the greater group.  And her years of experience working for a global leading management and strategy consulting firm means she knows how to design and develop innovative and effective solutions and, when necessary, to motivate for their implementation. 

Key Social Impact Work

  • Developing a financial solution to enable the efficient sourcing of essential goods for middle-income countries 
  • Designing anticipatory financing mechanisms to promote early action in the humanitarian aid and health sector
  • Improving credit enhancement for non-rated entities to enable their investment in the development sector
  • Designing a guarantee solution for a non-rated NGO to access preferential procurement terms

Key Social Sector Skills

  • Extensive experience in structuring alternative financing and risk transfer products 
  • Commitment to result-oriented financing that accelerates social impact
  • Experience in efficient supply chain and procurement 
  • Deep background in data and quantitative analysis