Our Team

Hanna Grewe

“We support humanitarian and development aid organisations to more efficiently deliver on their mandates by developing solutions that accelerate emergency aid and enhance preparedness."

Lisa von der Heydte

“Making an impact on vulnerable lives is our mission.  And measuring the difference our programmes and financing solutions make is key.  It’s all about delivering meaningful results that are long-lasting, self-sustaining and help to build resilience where it is needed most.”

Megan Lawrence

“In the humanitarian relief space, possibly more than any other, the ability to manage risk effectively is both the challenge and the reward. We collaborate with NGOs, donors and data experts to understand and predict the key risks – such as conflict – then develop mitigating strategies and innovative solutions to address them.”

Oliver Quast

“At the heart of what we do is reaching greater numbers of people in need, at greater speed. How?  By developing financial systems that drive more efficient supply and procurement and broaden access to affordable, quality necessities.”