With our combined experience in the humanitarian aid and development space – together with our knowledge of risk management and risk transfer, and our access to recent scientific data and forecasting tools – we seek to build a fact base, create effective strategies and deliver innovative solutions that will empower our partners to make big decisions that extend their reach and deliver sustainable results.

Team building a soccer field with donor funds

We tailor our services to
your individual needs

Together, we make a meaningful difference to the outputs of our NGO and donor partners by working to:

How can existing funds be stretched to reach more people in need?

We design innovative financial solutions that have the efficiency to free up ‘reserved’ funds and to provide for unexpected events without depleting funds allocated to other projects.

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What can be done, upfront, to help mitigate the impact of humanitarian crises?

We use predictive data that maps previous crises, calculates weather and provides early warnings of natural disasters.  Based on the output we develop funding mechanisms that enable financial support to be triggered upfront, so preparations can be started  before the crisis even occurs. 

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How does predicting natural disasters protect the vulnerable?

The faster funds reach the vulnerable, the greater the impact they have on their lives, livelihoods and communities.  Our parametric solutions use extensive historical data to make predictions, then release funds to assist - based on a predetermined set of triggers, as soon as a specific event occurs. 

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