With our combined experience in the humanitarian aid and development space – together with our knowledge of risk management and risk transfer, and our access to recent scientific data and forecasting tools – we seek to build a fact base, create effective strategies and deliver innovative solutions that will empower our partners to make big decisions that extend their reach and deliver sustainable results.

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We tailor our services to
your individual needs

Together, we make a meaningful difference to the outputs of our NGO and donor partners by working on:

Make decisions based on facts:
our tools for optimal data access
and analysis.

In many cases development organizations simply do not have access to the decision-relevant information or data. We assist by giving you access to this data. The following tools can help you and your management take the right decision.

Access to risk data

  • NatCatSERVICE is one of the world’s most comprehensive databases for analysing and evaluating natural catastrophes. The data on natural catastrophes go back to 1980, and periods of five years or more or individual years in isolation can be analysed. Also possible are hazard-specific analyses, for example for tropical cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons, or earthquakes.

  • The NATHAN Risk Suite (Natural Hazards Assessment Network) helps you assess the risks of natural hazards around the world, from the location-based individual risk through to entire risk portfolios. The demo version NATHAN Light can generate risk profiles for selected natural hazards, including earthquakes, winter storms, flashflood and wildfires for any location in the world.

My risk and more

  • This is an innovative risk improvement programme that aims to make the lives of policy holders easier. This is done through a combination of offering a Simple Risk Assessment tool (IOS & Android) at broker level to be able to carry out assessment of smaller type risks. As well as other technology such as the installation of cost effective surge devices that cost very little and have the effect of resolving power related surges to the tune of around 70%, saving millions annually. Another element is the use of Infrared Assessments as part of surveys due to the fact that 60% of fires worldwide are caused by poor electrical reticulation. Overall My Risk and More endeavors to:

    • Help make businesses more resilient

    • Provide the right cover based on the unique business needs

    • Offers clients services / apparatus for free or at reduced pricing

    • Places risk improvement at the forefront of the deal