At a Glance

Risk finance expertise for humanitarian and development aid organizations

Pressure on the humanitarian aid and development sectors has never been greater. As the frequency and intensity of events requiring intervention is growing, so are the numbers of vulnerable communities who need disaster relief and development support.  Yet, at the same time, donor funding levels are flattening and the resource pool is shrinking.

For aid organisations to optimise their social impact, it is vital for funds and aid to be delivered speedily, resources to be stretched further, so more people can be reached and more lives can be saved.

Social Impact Partners (SIP) is a social impact and financial advisory consultancy that exists to support the humanitarian and development efforts of the world’s leading aid organisations. Our role is to:

Find ways to anticipate and mitigate obstacles that can delay the aid delivery process and to cut through the inefficiencies by developing and implementing robust, sustainable solutionsthat address them effectively.